Be Humblish

According to, humble is defined as feeling insignificant and inferior. I realize that being humble has a positive connotation to it and humans have always been taught to be humble. But, should one strive to be completely humble? I feel that sometimes, as humans, we look at humility as a good thing, and if someone has a lot of confidence, sometimes he/she is considered arrogant. However, I feel that individuals should be confident in themselves while not thinking that they are superior to anyone. Here comes the term, humblish. Yes, this term cannot be found in the dictionary because it is a made up term, but it works in this situation. I am a confident individual, but at the same time I love people, I do not see myself as being better than anyone else, and I am always respectful towards all individuals, I am humblish. I believe that an individual's victories/accomplishments should always be celebrated, one should never play down his/her own victories/accomplishments, especially since any victory or accomplishment requires consistency and hard work. I always teach my S.A.S.H girls to be confident, but never feel that they are better than anyone else. However, at the same time I do not want them to feel that they are insignificant or not good enough. I want my S.A.S.H girls to be humblish, but confident.

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