The Importance of Not Giving Up

I always tell my S.A.S.H girls to never give up. When they come to me and tell me about a tough situation they are in, I always encourage them to find strength in their tough situations and I encourage them to never give up on their dreams or aspirations. When I give my girls advice, I do not give them advice that I do not take myself.

As a pageant competitor, I have competed in many pageants. I have won some and I have also experienced losses. My losses did not deter me from competing in pageants, they only gave me the strength and experience that I needed to make myself a stronger person and a stronger competitor. In life, every loss that an individual experiences helps to make that person more successful, only if that individual does not give up. I am proud to say that I am now the first Mrs. Tennessee WorldWide United. I did not let my previous losses keep me from following my dreams. One will never catch their dreams if he/she does not chase them.

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