Why S.A.S.H?

A few years ago, I started S.A.S.H to help build confidence in young girls. Over the years, as an elementary school teacher, I have came in contact with many young girls who have low self-esteem and they let their lack of self-esteem ruin their grades, turn them into bullies, made them susceptible of being bullied, and broke their spirits. I knew that something had to be done about this. I wanted these young girls to realize that they were not victims of their circumstances and they are special. I wanted girls to realize the importance of being confident and I wanted them to truly love themselves. I can say that over the past few years, I have changed the lives of a few girls. I know that I cannot realistically make every single girl feel confident, but I take pride in the girls who I have inspired and made to feel confident. I know that I can make the world a more confident place, one individual at a time!

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