Are you interested in empowering young girls? Become a S.A.S.H Ambassador

As a S.A.S.H Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to empower and be a role model to young girls. As a S.A.S.H. Ambassador, you will hold your own S.A.S.H meeting or meetings with a group of girls. You can hold as many meeting as you would like!!

Format of the meetings:

-Introduce yourself to the group of girls

-The girls will introduce themselves

-Provide a snack for the girls (optional)

-Do a self-esteem building activity with the girls 

-Provide reflection time for the girls after the activity (You will receive these forms in your Ambassador packet)

-Take a picture of yourself and the girls 

-Say goodbyes 

Every S.A.S.H Ambassador will receive: official welcome  packet, which includes forms that you will need for meetings, an official S.A.S.H Ambassador pin to wear during your meetings, certificate of participation 

S.A.S.H Ambassador Levels:

Level 1(Princess)-Hold at 1-2 S.A.S.H meetings 

Level 1 Ambassadors will receive: Certificate of participation, Pin, and official welcome packet

Level 2-(Duchess)-Hold 3-5 S.A.S.H meetings Level 2 Ambassadors will receive: Certificate of participation, Pin, official welcome packet, Ambassador cards

Level 3-(Queen)-Hold 5 or more S.A.S.H meetings Level 3 Ambassadors will receive: Certificate or participation, pin, official welcome packet, Ambassador cards, and a community service plaque 

*Any ambassador who holds 10 or more meeting will qualify for the Queen of Community Service award