About Us

Tiffany Purnell founded S.A.S.H (Students Against Self-Hatred) a few years ago to help teach elementary aged girls the importance of having high self-esteem and loving one's self. Through S.A.S.H, Tiffany mentors young girls and provides the girls with numerous activities that help to promote high self-esteem in young girls. Many of these activities consist of pageant titleholders talking to the S.A.S.H girls about being confident, loving themselves, and believing in themselves. 


Every April, a Little Miss S.A.S.H pageant is held, where the girls involved in the S.A.S.H program compete for the title of Little Miss S.A.S.H. The judges of the pageant are strongly encouraged to crown the girl who is the most confident and has the best personality as the winner. 


Tiffany is no stranger to the world of pageantry. She has held numerous pageant titles and has judged many pageants. 

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